Application Areas

and durability requirements, as well as aesthetic appearance can be therefore used in many areas. Especially outside of our preferred products easily to an existing fence, wall surface, can be applied to the roll call directly, if the panel can be applied in areas where no one supporting element is not found. Determine the extent of our products that make our customers' customers also economically advantageous. 

In standard sizes outside the need for a product especially projects in operation - also beyond the economic cost of labor is a fact that created difficulties. DEKORAÇİT and ÇİMÇİT brands produced in Turkey, they are a product of creative ideas. We are offering our customers solutions for short and fast track our brands, in a sense imported, warranty, the product would not allow them to be their partner to oblige. Today our products are used in many projects and private areas open to offer customers products that create their own applications and clear answers.

Dekoraçit Çimçit Nedir?

Plastic fence fence and lawn decor, carpets, boxwood leaves not fence products, fortified against the sun's rays are also produced special PVC. Dekoraçit and çimçit stainless, galvanized your past many transactions are made with heavy wire. Dekoraçit and does not çimçit alew. Dekoraçit density as well as a more aesthetic that channels while I, çimçit felt more especially used in areas where security ihtyiaç. 

Dekoraçit and preventing the images you want çimçit four seasons are green products. Dekoraçit and çimçit are Turkish goods. Dekoraçit and çimçit water, like cold and hot. Dekoraçit and çimçit practical, long lasting, environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Çimçit Dekoraçit and is the product of creative work for a long time. By the installation team and whether the user wants Dekoraçit çimçit can be mounted in the same ease. You choose the size and çimçit Dekoraçit and only produced for you. 

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